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Musical: The Wizard of Oz at the Teatro Circo Apolo El Algar

05/12/2019 Seen: 244 times

The tickets are priced 12 € and 14 €. They can be purchased at the box office on Wednesdays from 18h to 20h and  www.teatrocircoapoloelalgar.es

Eight years of travel and over 2,000 functions attest to the success of this version of the classic L. Frank Baum alike still present in the hearts of mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, children. Dorothy's adventure to return to Kansas has all the keys of the classic, its symbols and values, but in turn explores new ways to approach the public demanding the twenty-first century. Because, in this version, nothing is what it seems: the fairy Glinda is as clumsy as effective, the Witch of the West is quite neurotic, Lion worthless looks like an animal version of Tony Manero, the Tin Man has complex Clint Eastwood and the Scarecrow has the memory of a fish and innocence of a child. Through estospersonajes, aims to humanize history and magic meet the needs of adult audiences,


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