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ALADROQUE TEATRO presents: "OJALÁ" Auditorium Luzzy Cultural Center

18/06/2021 Seen: 5.748 times

18 AT 7:30 PM CULTURAL CENTER ACT ROOM LUZZY Aladroque in its 8 years of experience has always had the intention of making the public spend a fun time forgetting for a few hours the vicissitudes of life. Hence, up to now we have always carried comedies. We want you to also enjoy what you are going to see but in turn leave here today with another thought, another idea, another point of view, another perspective. In conclusion ... LET'S REFLECT. Let's not look away and ACT before it's too late.

Author: Hugo Daniel Marcos
Direction: Lito Campillo
Cast: Lito Campillo, Raquel Campillo, Jesús Eulogio, Pedro Pertuza,
Antonio Madrid, Mamen Baños, Fran Cortés, Laura del Sol,
Alberto Alcolea and Maribel Izquierdo


Where does it take place?


  • Session: 18/06/2021 vi (19:30h)
    Bookings 05/04/2021 - 18/06/2021 - Capacity: 90. Free: 28    Reserve
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