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ONLINE TALK: Thinking about the ecosocial transition. BIODIVERSITY AND GLOBAL CHANGE

17/03/2021 Seen: 935 times

We live in rapidly changing times. We are experiencing unprecedented impacts from climate change, pandemics, and loss of biodiversity. We are at the center of these impacts because we suffer and cause them. Science has been warning about the risks of an unsustainable social model. Society is now understanding the warnings. We are unveiling the details of our influence on the biosphere. We are learning about them because we are concerned. New questions posed to scientists about these pressing issues were posed to society decades ago. But it is never too late to rediscover the scientific basis for our dependence on Mother Nature.

Fernando Valladares Ros: He is a doctor in Biological Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid and a research professor at the CSIC, where he directs the group on Ecology and Global Change at the National Museum of Natural Sciences. He is also an associate professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid. He has published numerous scientific papers, articles and books on ecology and plant biology, being a highly cited scientist in the area of ​​Ecology and Environment. He is currently vice president of the Iberian Society of Ecology. He contributes to numerous media, maintains direct scientific dissemination on his channels "The health of Humanity" on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and writes regularly in various newspapers such as in the Critical Science section of eldiario.es.


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