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02/02/2021 - 19/03/2021 Seen: 1.905 times

The first floor of  the Ramón Alonso Luzzy Cultural Center in Cartagena will host Oleksandr Nohachevsky's exhibition 'Paradise Lost' until March 19 . A sample of paintings that the Ukrainian artist uses as a tribute to the Mar Menor. 

"In life we ​​look for mysterious places, places with special sounds, colors ...  Those places are called places of power . I have visited more than 35 countries, studied complex sciences, I have seen many strange and mysterious places, as far as I can tell with confidence that there is a place of power next to us  The Mar Menor area is the fifth element of our environment that cleanses our souls and it helps us to know ourselves. You have to take care of it "the author commented this morning while visiting his exhibition at El Luzzy. 

His paintings are a burst of color  with sunrises and sunsets to the Mar Menor that have not stopped" impressing his retina and artistic sensibility. " oil and acrylic 

Oleksandr Nohachevsky He has been living in La Manga for 5 years and declares himself "in love with the Mar Menor" and all the paintings that are part of his exhibition feature the salty lagoon. Born in 1967 in western Ukraine. He studied mathematics and engineering at the Military Academy. For 15 years he was a military man and served in different countries of the world. He subsequently studied Global Economics and Business Administration at Harvard University.

He worked in various international companies and created his own companies in Ukraine. As a teacher he taught economics and franchising at various universities. He denounced government corruption in his country, and for this reason, he was forced to leave his country in 2016. He  currently resides in La Manga with his son as a refugeeHe has been fond of painting throughout his life , but it was in Spain that he began to dedicate his time to this artistic discipline.

The exhibition will have as normal hours until its closure from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 21:00. 


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