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19/02/2021 - 18/04/2021 Seen: 5.739 times

The City Hall of Cartagena hosts the collective exhibition 'Máiquez, the dream and the shadow' in which 52 artists have participated, making a nod to the 52 years that Isidoro Máiquez lived. Until April 18, you can visit this sample that is within the events organized by the Cartagena City Council to celebrate the bicentennial of the death of the Cartagena actor.

Curated by the photographer Javier Lorente, the exhibition is made up of 52 newly created works by artists from Cartagena, the rest of the Murcia Region and neighboring communities. In addition to plastic work, there is sculpture, photography, engraving, illustration, collage ...

Collectives, artists, theater companies, together with the Cartagena City Council, have been holding various events since March 2020 in honor of this bicentennial of Isidoro Máiquez. Various works have been performed in his honor, such as 'Othello' (the character that made him famous) by Ditirambo Espectáculos, or 'Isidoro Máiquez, a statue without pigeons' by Pedro Segura. “In 2020, when two centuries had passed since his death, Cartagena could not miss the opportunity to honor him as he deserved. This exhibition, 'Máiquez: The dream and the shadow', is, without a doubt, the perfect culmination ”, indicated the mayor of Cartagena.

“The title of the exhibition has to do with Isidoro Máiquez's dream and obsession to renew, elevate and modernize theater, acting and even Spain (as a liberal). The shadow is the one that genius, like immortal men, projected in his day and projects to this day ”, the exhibition curator Javier Lorente has declared.

“Two hundred years later, although we do not see it, we can see the shadow of his legacy that even today reaches the theatrical fact. Also, in another sense, the shadow has to do with his life of lights and shadows 'The cursed actor', as Manuel Ponce calls his book, suffering envy, persecution, exile, prison, illness, madness and death ”, Lorente indicated in reference to the title of the exhibition.

Finally, he added that Máiquez: “He died poor and alone, like those ahead of his time, like many of the greatest in Spain and exiled in Granada, far from Madrid, where he triumphed and far from his land, where he was not a prophet, as the artist Fito Conesa recalls in this exhibition, with the work 'No one is a prophet in his land' ”.

The following have participated in the exhibition: A. Martínez Mengual, Álvaro Peña, Ana Bernal, Anabel del Canto, Ángel Maciá, Antón Escolano, Blai Tomás, Carlos José Pérez, Clara Ledo, Domingo Martínez Garrido, Elisa Ortega, Fátima Ruiz, Fernando Arribillaga, Fito Conesa, Gaby Guillén, Goyo203, Javier Lorente, Jesús Lorente, Jorge G. Aznar, Jorge Gómez, José Carlos Ñiguez, José María Garres, JuanMa Balibrea, Julián Contreras, Kraser, Luis Marino, MJ Lluch, MJ Sánchez Dato, M. José Contador, Manolo Pardo, Manuel Castillero, Manuel Delgado, Manuel López, Manuel Vacas, Marcos Salvador Romera, María José Cárceles, Marta Abellán, Navarro Menchón, Nicole Palacios, Pascual Gimeno, Patricia Gómez, Pérez Casanova, Petrus Borgia, Sáenz de Elorrieta , Salvador Torres, Santi García Cánovas, Sebastián Martínez, Silvia Viñao, Sofía Tornero,Vidal Máiquez and Virginia Bernal.

The exhibition can be visited at the Palacio Consistorial de Cartagena until April 18


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