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THEATER: Alice and the Invisible Cities

06/03/2021 Seen: 676 times

Saturday March 6 at the El Batel Auditorium, at 7:00 p.m.

Alice is bored. Suddenly he hears the footsteps of a rabbit and decides to follow him to his burrow. There you will cross the door to an enigmatic world in which time does not exist and nothing is what it seems. Alicia will delve into: Doubts, longings, questions, fears and mysteries, in an initiatory journey through invisible cities, imaginary territories populated by strange beings and the odd monster.

Alice and the Invisible Cities by Jesús Nieto (Onírica Mecánica)  is a free version of  Alice in Wonderland  with a multidisciplinary staging (projections, sound space, light effects, masks) that explores the imaginaries created by  Lewis Carroll from a contemporary perspective.

Buy your ticket here. Prices: 10 and 15 euros.


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