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“In essence, all poetry that deserves such a name is elegiac: the river of Heraclitus and Jorge Manrique is the symbol, literary and spiritual, of human finitude. The poet records it not from the experience, but from the memory of the experience. That "remembering to live" that the poetic word attests becomes the invisible marble that defies oblivion. The stone on which Ángeles Carnacea sculpts is not a compact and bulky block. His verses are just splinters, broken and separated fragments between whose gaps the reader must supplement what is missing. It is in these visual silences
that the anguish over the nonsense of death emerges most clearly, in a lyrical minimalism that reproduces, in turn, the
own human dispossession ”Fragment of the foreword by Natalia Carbajosa (Cartagena, February 2021)

Ángeles Carnacea was born in Ayamonte (Huelva). Social anthropologist, graduated in CC. Politics and Sociology from the Complutense University (Madrid). Since 2006 he has been part of the University Institute for Research on Migration, Ethnicity and Social Development (IMEDES) of the Autonomous University of Madrid. She is currently responsible for Solidarity for development in the Region of Murcia. During 2020 and part of 2021 he has written a weekly column of reflection for the radio program La Contraportada, by Lucía Hernández, on Onda Regional de Murcia. Some of his poems have been published in the blog “Andalusian Poets 2221”, by Fernando Sabido Sánchez, and in the Anthological Magazine of Guatemalan emerging literature and art “I promise you anarchy” (2014). He writes a short story in the book "A minute of tenderness" edited by the poet and editor Uberto Stabile (Edit. Baile del sol, 2015) and another in the book "Chance has its arguments, II" coordinated by Juan Cano Conesa ( F. Trinitario Casanova, 2018). He participates in the project and book "Murcia a vista de haiku" and is part of the poetic anthology that will be published by Huerga & Fierro in 2021, coordinated by the poet María Castrejón. "A river passed through here" is his first book of poetry.

The presentation will be on Tuesday, May 25 at 7:30 p.m. at the Josefina Soria Library in El Luzzy. Limited capacity 50 people.


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