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26/05/2021 - 26/06/2021 Seen: 5.302 times

Curators of the artistic project: María Comas Gabarrón and Fernando Sáenz de Elorrieta.

PEAR TREE. S-15  is a project in which 17 visual artists from Cartagena have participated who have wanted to transfer their particular vision of the Peral submarine. With this, it is intended to give visibility through art to a symbol of Cartagena.

The project joins the commemoration of the 170th anniversary of the birth of Isaac Peral. That is why, from the beginning of the project, it was thought to give visibility to Cartagena outside its borders. Madrid, Cádiz (the latter closely linked to the submarine) will be the next venues for this exhibition, although the possibility of exhibiting it in other cities in Spain is not closed.

The submarines are made of EPS- FLOKACEM SYSTEM (painted in white) of 2.5 meters x 45 cm in diameter, with a metal foot or 4 propellers.

Artists: KraserAngel Garcia Macia, Gaby Guillen, Alfonso García, Geles Conesa Artés and Paca Calvo, Salvador Torres and Virginia Bernal, Javier Lorente, Antonio Gómez Ribelles, Piedad Martínez, Perez Casanova, Fernando Sáenz de Elorrieta, Jesús Lorente, Jesús Inglés, Belen Orta and Rosana Sitcha.


Visiting hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It will be there until June 26.


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