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30/12/2021 Seen: 15.883 times

SYNOPSIS: The new Salem project "the revenge of a people" is aimed at an adult audience, a work written by Carmen Monís based on the events that occurred in 1692 in the town of Salem colony of Massachusetts. A show where theater and live folk music come together.

MONÍS PRODUCCIONES: Since its foundation, it has established a defined professional commitment in two essential aspects: the public and the theatrical trade. Most of his shows have been aimed at family audiences, discovering that it is possible to arouse the interest of children and adults, together, in the same show.


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  • Session: 30/12/2021 ju (20:00h)
    Bookings 30/09/2021 (00:00h) - 23/12/2021 (23:59h) - Deadline closed
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