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SYNOPSIS: Young Arturo is a brave, intelligent and very studious boy, but together with his partner and friend Bedos they will live an unforgettable adventure. Both companions, on the way to school, discover something they had never seen before, a magic sword. Who will be able to pull the sword out of the stone? After this they will meet Merlin who will train them to be great warriors. Will they be prepared for the darkness that is coming? And for the evil that is being forged in social networks? Arturo, equipped with Excalibur and together with his squire Bedos, equipped with a traffic sign as a shield and a Selfie stick as a sword, will have to face the evil Morgana, a witch from Medieval times resurfaced thanks to Facebook likes. its tireless Trolls that lurk in every pixel, on every screen, in any corner of the world. Enjoy this musical show for the whole family, with original songs composed musically by David Ojados and with lyrics by Faustino Sáez. A show from medieval times brought to the 21st century, with a libretto and original songs and 4 actors that will transport the audience to a world of fantasy, fun and magic without equal.

CAST: Arturo: Samuel Carmona, Bedos: Alba Carrillo, Merlin: Faustino Sáez, Morgana: Sevi Conesa. Book Written by José Salguero and Faustino Sáez. Original songs by David Ojados (Musical composition) and Faustino Sáez (Lyric composition).

FAUSTINO SÁEZ SHOWS: At Faustino Sáez Shows we are a great team of actors, actresses and dancers. Since 2016 we have been trying to make our audience happy, especially the smallest of the house through shows, plays, musicals, stories and different activities.


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  • Session: 23/12/2021 vi (19:00h)
    Bookings 01/12/2021 - 23/12/2021 - Deadline closed
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