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27/01/2022 Seen: 984 times

THURSDAY, JANUARY 27 from 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Isaac Peral Room. Faculty of Business Sciences. UPCT
Few times like ours have been subjected to such deep and accelerated transformation processes that run through their economic, political, social and cultural structures alike. These processes are the cause of a new planetary situation, marked by increasing complexity. The appearance of new economic and financial agents, capable of subordinating the decisions of political institutions to the system of their interests, has once again problematized the autonomy of politics, to give rise to new forms of dependency that we can observe at a global level. 
Sami NaïrHe is a professor of Political Science, has given classes and lectures at various universities around the world. Collaborator in the international press and columnist for the newspaper El País
Francisco Jarauta is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Murcia. He studied History, Art History and Philosophy at the Universities of Valencia, Rome, Münster, Berlin and Paris. Visiting professor at European and American universities, his works are oriented in the field of the history of ideas, the philosophy of culture, aesthetics and the theory of art.


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  • Session: 27/01/2022 ju (20:00h)
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