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CARTAGENA THINKS: Talk: The media and representation of black people with a gender perspective

03/02/2022 Seen: 685 times

This talk focuses on several aspects: from the dehumanization of black bodies in the media, to the perception of black people as eternal newcomers, which causes a constant foreignization of those who already are or were born here. Likewise, it addresses the narrative of the exception, which only contemplates the possibility of interviewing black people as a hero or heroine, as the first to do something or arrive in a space where they were not expected, or as valid testimony only to talk about racism or xenophobia or that is limited to the narrative of the anecdote, ignoring their knowledge, work experience and / or training.
Lucia Asué Mbomío Rubio(Madrid, 1981) has a degree in Information Sciences (Complutense University of Madrid), a diploma in Scriptwriting and Directing of documentaries (Madrid Film Institute) and a Master's degree in International Development and Aid (Complutense University). In 2005 she started working in television, a medium for which she has directed documentaries and worked as a reporter on Telemadrid, Antena 3 and TVE1.
Presents: Elisa Reche, journalist and director of eldiario.es Region of Murcia Collaborates: Department of Social Services, Immigration and Development Cooperation Unit and the Cartagena Municipal Strategy Free of Rumors


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  • Session: 03/02/2022 ju (19:30h)
    Bookings 13/01/2022 - 03/02/2022 - Capacity: 150. Free: 112    Reserve
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