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25/05/2022 Seen: 4.661 times

WEDNESDAY 25 MAY. 8:00 p.m. BOOK PRESENTATION . Josefina Soria Library. El Luzzy

After -Under the sky of Qala i Naw (Diary of a cook in Afghanistan), the author collects the whispers of the soul that, scattered between clouds and mountains, petal by petal, have been transformed into: - The cry of la Amapola: To hear that cry, there is nothing better than being buffeted by the four winds that, without asking you which direction you want to take, take the liberty of choosing for you.

Rosa García Oliver was born in El Gorguel-Cartagena. She has participated in 68 anthologies and has won several poetry awards. She is an Honorary Member of the UNEE (National Union of Writers of Spain) and AESCT (Association of Writers of Cartagena).
Presents: Fernando da Casa, writer
Organizes: Municipal Libraries of Cartagena
Free entry until complete seats.


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