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05/11/2022 Seen: 4.918 times

MASTERCLASS - FLAMENCO: ANTONIA CONTRERAS AND RAMON CARO : November 5 at the Music Conservatory. REGISTRATION : cultura.cartagena.es

Antonia Contreras: is currently one of the Spanish artists with the greatest national and international projection, who bases her artistic capacity on the solidity of extensive knowledge, the originality of her lyrics, for the most part unpublished and in the richness of its emotional expressiveness.
She was the winner of important prizes and the 2016 Mining Lamp at the 56th edition of the Las Minas de La Unión International Cante Festival.

Juan Ramon Carohe is a contemporary flamenco guitarist with a modern touch and respectful of tradition. He is a virtuoso of the instrument in its three aspects, he plays for dance, cante and concert soloist.
Born in 1972, he is one of the young flamenco artists who have grown up and trained in Barcelona. He begins his guitar studies with Manuel Carvajal at the age of 11. Over time, he was introduced to the world of flamenco by the hand of his father, Juan Caro; renowned singer.

Both of them have performed on the most prestigious stages around the world.


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