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03/08/2022 - 30/08/2022 Seen: 6.192 times

The musical programming with which the harmonies and interpretations of relevant musical proposals of various styles, fill the different unique spaces of the city with music, highlighting the fortresses and defensive systems, such as the Castillo de la Concepción, the Shelters of the Civil War, but also with the intention of wrapping up the great heritage jewels that the city treasures, such as the Barrio del Foro Romano or the Augusteum de Cartagena. DOORS OPENING HOURS  : 8:00 p.m. - START: 8:30 p.m.

  • Antonio Fruscella: Born in Campobasso (Italy) in 1999, he obtained the Classical Guitar Diploma at the "L. Perosi" Conservatory of Music in Campobasso. Later he studied at the National Conservatory "d'Aubervilliers-La Courneuve" in Paris with Maestro A. Ponce, where he obtained in 2000 the Diploma in Guitar and Chamber Music with honors. He has won numerous awards in national competitions. Antonio performs as a soloist and ensemble in numerous international festivals and concert series. He has taught numerous Masterclasses and guitar courses in Italy and abroad. In 2004, he became director of the International Guitar Festival in Campobasso, Italy and continues in this role to this day.

  • Mary Ivana Olive: Born in Taranto, she began studying guitar at a very young age and graduated in 1992 with the highest qualification from the ISSM "G. Paisiello” of Taranto and continues her studies with M° R. Lambo, professor at the N. Piccinni Conservatory of Bari.In 1984 he specialized in the tablature of the Vihuela (cordophone from 1500) with Maestro G. Balestra and later, in 1991, with Maestro M.Lonardi he deepened the study of tablatures.He also collaborates with the vocal group and instrumental "Musica Antiqua" for the recovery of the Italian popular repertoire of 500/600.She has an intense concert activity in Italy and abroad: Morocco, France, Greece, Spain, Germany, etc. She is invited to numerous international guitar festivals,both as a concert performer and as a member of the jury of prestigious international competitions.

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DATE: August 10 PLACE: Shelters of the Civil War. CAPACITY: 50 PEOPLE.  

  • Fabio Furia : a world-class soloist, composer and arranger, he is considered one of the most important bandoneon players in Europe. Thanks to his intense concert activity, he performed in the most important concert halls in the world, such as the Parco dellaMusica di Roma, the Dvorak Hall of the Rudolfinum in Prague, the Auditorium. Highly appreciated internationally, his talent is known by many Italian and foreign music festivals and institutions. He founded the Italian Bandoneon Academy with which he organizes masterclasses and concerts with the most important soloists in the world.

  •  Cantiga-Dance Trio “Con Fuoco” (Spanish music). (Ph.Villa, Anastasia Maximkina /guitars/ Anna Sinelshchikova -Dance, Castanets). The "Cantiga-Baile" Trio with the show "Con Fuoco" brings together the virtuosity of 2 musicians and a dancer and castanets specialist who revisit the Spanish and classical repertoire combining dance and music, through the emblematic composers of Spain, Albeniz- Granados- De Falla and arrangements of Andalusian folklore. The Cantiga-Baile Trio mixes the virtuosity of 2 guitarists and a dancer, who explores the Spanish romantic and folk repertoire through legendary Spanish composers, such as Albeniz-Granados and De Falla.

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  • Harmony and Beauty "Spanish music as inspiration ": Piano: Mariana Toral Sánchez, Flute: Miguel Ángel Moreno Cruz. They perform adaptations and original versions of works, such as dances with popular oriental and Andalusian roots.

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DATE: August 24. PLACE: Castle of the Conception. CAPACITY: 400 PEOPLE.  

Simona Capozucco Trio : P resents an elegant and exciting interpretation of "classical music" and "Brazilian choro" and at the same time eclectic and pulsating through the interpretation of "standard Latin-jazz" and "pop songs".  Simona Capozucco , born in 1975, is one of the most requested and appreciated Italian voices. She has collaborated with some of the most successful jazz and pop musicians on the international music scene, such as Paolo Fresu, Fabrizio Bosso, Max Ionata, Tino Tracanna and many others. A multi-instrumentalist, she developed a strong personality and rare attention to composition and arranging from the earliest years of her study.

Maurizio DiFulvio,Born in 1964, he is the protagonist of a brilliant intercontinental musical career, with a constant average of more than 100 concerts a year as a soloist and with various formations. Important are the numerous collaborations with eminent musicians, including Bobby Watson, Ray Mantilla, Irio De Paula, Stochelo Rosemberg, Rossana Casale, Rosalia De Souza, Antonella Ruggiero, Sarah Jane Morris, Bireli Lagrene, Nada and others. He is the author of the following compact discs: Sweet notes (2000), Mediterranean flavors (2003), A flight of leaks (2004), Road to Wonderland (2007), Carinhoso (2010) "e 'a vucchella (2018) ".

Stefania Di Fulvio , guitarist and singer, born in 2005, daughter of Maurizio Di Fulvio, participates in the concert.

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  • LAURA RODRIGUEZ MORENO: Begins her violin studies with Professor Unnur Palsdottir. He won the first regional APAS violin award in 1991, while at the same time he was concertmaster of the Murcia Region Youth Orchestra (Aspiring Section) and later he was a member of the Region Orchestra, acting as a soloist, performing tours of Germany and Holland. She studied violin with Professor Joaquín Palomares, and chamber music, obtaining the highest grades at the Conservatory of Murcia, making tours of Austria, Holland and Hungary with her Orchestra, performing at the F. Liszt Hall in Budapest. 
  • OSCAR REQUENA TOULOUSE:Born in Cartagena and of Franco-Spanish origin, Oscar Requena began his official piano studies at the age of 7, later moving to Murcia to pursue his higher studies at the Massoti Little Superior Conservatory and at the Universidad de la Merced. In Murcia he obtained his degree, to later expand his studies in piano performance and Chamber Music. In those years of training he especially delves into the interpretation of the Spanish repertoire of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, as well as French Impressionism. With a special teaching vocation, much of his professional work is carried out in this area. He has worked in Murcia and Cartagena as a teacher, also performing the work of accompanying pianist in the Higher Conservatories of Dance and Dramatic Art.
  • DIANTO REED QUINTET is a chamber music group made up of five young Spanish musicians who, with the intention of growing musically and personally, coincide in completing their master's studies at the Amsterdam Conservatory. Trained in different higher conservatories in Spain, the members of Dianto Reed Quintet are part of various national and international youth orchestras. They have been invited to participate in prestigious national programs, such as Podium Witteman for Dutch television, or De Klassieken and Spiegezaal Avrotros, broadcast live from Spiegezaal de Concertegouw, for NPOradio4.

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  • ANA LOPEZ "CAROL OF THE BELLS"  Artist: Ana López Modality: Classical Dance

    Dancer, teacher and choreographer, she has been a teacher for 15 years and has been dancing for 28 years, she was the first in the Professional Dance Conservatory of Murcia, where she got her degree. One of the first graduates in Progressing Ballet Technique in Spain, she studied at the Alicia Alonso University Institute of Dance in Madrid, was runner-up in European dance and has trained with great dance professionals such as: the Royal Ballet, American Ballet, Ballet of the Paris Opera, National Ballet of Cuba, National Dance Company of Spain, Bolshoi Ballet, Saint Petersburg Ballet, English National Ballet, Victor Ullate Ballet, Rosella Hightower Ballet of Cannes, among others...

  • Cartagena Symphony Orchestra:  The Cartagena Symphony Orchestra has its origins in its first stage of activity between 1939 and 1950, being reborn in 2003 as a Chamber Orchestra thanks to the impulse and development through a group of professors from the Conservatory of Cartagena music.
    His ascending artistic quality continuously receives the support and recognition of the public and specialized critics. Currently and since 2017 its director is Leonardo Martínez. This next season celebrates 20 years incorporating quality symphonic music in Cartagena society
  • Isabel Martínez:  is one of the most outstanding Spanish guitarists of her generation. She is regularly invited to perform at International Festivals. She has performed as a soloist in prestigious venues such as the Milton Court-Barbican Center in London, ADDA in Alicante, the National Theater of Costa Rica or the Hangzhou Grand Theater in the Republic of China, among others. Dedicated to several works for guitar, Isabel Martínez combines her concert career with her passion for teaching at the San Javier Music Conservatory, Murcia.
  • FERNANDO ESPÍ, Guitar:  The brilliant career of guitarist Fernando Espí is based on an innate musical sensitivity coupled with solid technical training. The specialized press recognizes him as "one of the best Spanish guitarists of the moment" (Ritmo), "a new emerging talent...an exceptional guitarist of the new generation" (Classical Guitar) and places him "among the most brilliant current performers of the six strings" (Scherzo). He currently teaches as a guitar professor at the "Manuel Massotti" Conservatory of Music in Murcia. He has a professional title specializing in ancient music with plucked string instruments and has a degree in History and Music Sciences

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