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DATE: August 24 . PLACE: NEW LOCATION :  LANTERN TOWER OF THE TORRES PARK . CAPACITY: 400 PEOPLE DOORS OPENING: 8:00 p.m. – START: 8:30 p.m. Simona Capozucco Trio : Presents an elegant and passionate interpretation of "classical music" and "Brazilian choro" and at the same time eclectic and pulsating through the interpretation of "standard Latin-jazz" and "pop songs". Simona Capozucco

born in 1975, she is one of the most requested and appreciated Italian voices. She has collaborated with some of the most successful jazz and pop musicians on the international music scene, such as Paolo Fresu, Fabrizio Bosso, Max Ionata, Tino Tracanna and many others. A multi-instrumentalist, she developed a strong personality and rare attention to composition and arranging from the earliest years of her study.
Maurizio DiFulvio, born in 1964, is the protagonist of a brilliant intercontinental musical career, with a constant average of more than 100 concerts a year as a soloist and with various formations. Important are the numerous collaborations with eminent musicians, including Bobby Watson, Ray Mantilla, Irio De Paula, Stochelo Rosemberg, Rossana Casale, Rosalia De Souza, Antonella Ruggiero, Sarah Jane Morris, Bireli Lagrene, Nada and others. He is the author of the following compact discs: Sweet notes (2000), Mediterranean flavors (2003), A flight of leaks (2004), Road to Wonderland (2007), Carinhoso (2010) "e 'a vucchella (2018) ".
Stefania Di Fulvio, guitarist and singer, born in 2005, daughter of Maurizio Di Fulvio, participates in the concert.


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  • Session: 24/08/2022 mi (20:00h)
    Bookings 18/07/2022 (10:45h) - 24/08/2022 (23:59h) - Capacity: 100. Free: 1    Reserve
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