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V Photography Contest on Archaeological Heritage of the Region of Murcia

05/08/2022 - 15/11/2022 Seen: 671 times

Anyone regardless of their nationality, age or country of residence.
The theme of the photographs must be related to the most relevant aspects of the Archaeological Heritage of the Region of Murcia.
The works will be admitted until November 15, 2022 at the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Cartagena "Enrique Escudero de Castro" Calle Ramón y Cajal 45 - 30204 Cartagena. The works will be delivered in a single sealed envelope in which only the titles of the photographs will be indicated on the outside. Likewise, the title will be stated on the back of the rigid support on which the image is mounted. Another separate envelope will be delivered indicating inside the personal data and titles of the works presented: Name and surnames, age, DNI, address, contact telephone number and email. On the outside of this envelope, only the titles of the works will be stated. The works must be unpublished and original. Not having been awarded in any other contest.
• The works may be done in black and white or color.
• Digital assemblies, collages or any other digital or pictorial technique apart from the photograph obtained directly on camera will not be accepted.
• The images can be edited only in parameters of brightness, contrast, saturation, focus and luminance curves.
• It is not allowed to put or remove any type of element or person using post-production techniques.
• Up to a maximum of three photographs per participant may be submitted.
• The presentation size of the image will be 18x24 cm. It must be mounted on a rigid support (white foam board) with a size of 23X29 cm.
• A CD with the copies in digital format will be included in the data envelope, each file having the title of the work as its name.
1st Prize: €500 and Trophy: sculpture by Fernando Sáenz de Elorrieta. 2nd Prize: €300. 3rd Prize: €100
• Only one prize per author will be awarded.
• If the jury deems it appropriate, any of the prizes may be void.
• The organization reserves the right to accept the works according to whether or not they fit the proposed theme and certain minimum quality criteria.
It will be made up of professionals of recognized prestige in the areas of Archeology and Photography. One of the members will act as Secretary and will record the agreements of the Jury for publication.
The jury's decision will be made in the facilities of the Archaeological Museum of Cartagena in the days prior to the awards ceremony. The awards ceremony to be held on December 3, in a public event at the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Cartagena "Enrique Escudero de Castro." The presence of the winner, authorized person or representative thereof is essential.
Participation in this contest implies that the organization will be able to exhibit the works in an exhibition that will be held by the Association Friends of the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Cartagena "MVSAEDOMVS". The participants in the contest authorize its organization so that their works are part of the traveling exhibition until the month of June. After the exhibition, the non-winning works may be withdrawn within a period of 1 month in the same place where they were deposited. If after this time they have not been withdrawn, it will be understood that the author renounces them and they will become part of the funds of the association Friends of the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Cartagena "MVSAEDOMVS". The winning works may be used for publicity in the next edition of the “ANTONIO ACOSTA HERNÁNDEZ” photography contest.
They may also be used for the promotion and publicity of the Friends of the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Cartagena "MVSAEDOMVS" association. Whenever the images are published, the author of the same will be cited, who will always hold all the rights that the law grants him as the creator of the same. Participation in the contest indicates that these rules have been read and accepted.


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