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I MAR MENOR FAIR "BETWEEN SEA AND SEA" Show between skittles and trovos, book presentation and performance

30/09/2022 Seen: 2.274 times

Show “Between game and verses, Between Bowling and Trovos”. Presentation of the book  " Bolos a Palillos Game" by David José Alonso García, together with the performance of the "Jose María Marín" Trovera Association .
At 7:00 p.m. FREE CAPACITY
Place: Civic Center C/ Santillana del Mar, 1. El Algar
Organized by: Neighborhood Council of El Algar- Los Urrutias. AVV El Algar. David José Alonso García together with Trovera Association “Jose María Marín”
David José Alonso García will present us his book "Bowling games with sticks: Campo de Cartagena" in which he tells us about a type of bowling game that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, and that was the precursor of the regional bowling league in Cartagena. from the mid-1960s. This book preserves for posterity the commendable work carried out by all those bolero pioneers: making balls and sticks, and building and maintaining playing fields documented here by their location, old press clippings and aerial photographs .
The presentation of this book that tells us about a popular game in the Campo de Cartagena region, will be enlivened by the trovos and the music of young troveras and troveras of the "José María Marín" Trovera Association, further highlighting our popular culture.


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