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I MAR MENOR FAIR "BETWEEN SEA AND SEA" Route from Los Chaparros to Cala Arturo-Cala Magre

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Flora and fauna route from Los Chaparros to Cala Arturo-Cala Magre
Place of departure and arrival: Exit of the Cartagena-La Manga motorway no. 12 , dissuasive parking at the end of the town of Los Chaparros, at 9:00 a.m.
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Organized by: AVV Los Chaparros, Ladera Kalblanke
This route runs through part of the Calblanque Regional Park starting from the town of Los Chaparros. The Calblanque Regional Park is an enclave on the Mediterranean coast that presents a landscape of contrasts in which a great variety of materials and geological formations can be found. Mountains, cliffs, beaches, dunes or salt flats are the protagonists of this area and merge to give the landscape a beauty. unique in the Mediterranean environment. The dunes and their golden hues make a perfect contrast to the dark cliffs that hug them. The sedimentary rocks of the tops of the mountains, such as the dolomites, form a landscape of wild natural beauty. The Cabezo de la Fuente stands out with its light browns and the green pine forest. In the flattest area of ​​the Park, taking advantage of this natural depression, the Rasall Salt Flats. Despite their current disuse for extractive purposes, they are maintained with water as they are a vital refuge for fauna.
From this route we can contemplate the great beauty of the physiognomy of the Mar Menor, noting that the entire area is part of the same ecosystem.
Directions for the route: Duration: Between 40-50 minutes. Difficulty: Medium. Tips: It is a perfect route for both adults and children due to its natural beauty and ease of transit. It is important to bring water and comfortable clothes and shoes to walk on mountain paths and mosquito repellent.
Registration: Capacity 25 places


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