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I FAIR OF THE MAR MENOR "BETWEEN SEA AND SEA", Concert "Hoonine" and "Crimson"

02/10/2022 Seen: 2.488 times

“ Hoonine  ” and “Carmesí” concert , at 1:00 pm
Place:  Mirador Sur Mar Menor (in front of the supermarket)
Organized by: Playa Honda Women's Association. Are good

  • Hoonine moves between reality and fiction, between electronica, downtempo, R&B and minimalist pop, to get rid of what weighs and give importance to things that deserve it: love, family, neighborhood and memories. There is hope, there he finds his RED ROCK, an element that shelters the last hope of the land of the dead, a symbol that appears in the poem that opens the book of the Waste Land by TS Eliot. This text takes us back to Goya's mural, the half-sunken Dog,
  • Crimesí presents a live show that aims to add to the emotion of her songs and the close and even comic character of the artist, creating a very intimate atmosphere with the public, who usually connect immediately with her and her sense of humor, without losing never the intensity of the themes. Accompanied by Peps González and Michel Ros, musicians with plenty of experience on stage and a lot of faith in the project, Carmen, who was trained at the Conservatory, takes care of every detail to the maximum, including songs from Meltdown, whose production has been updated, and some versions brought to their land to fit into the REFUGE universe.
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