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01/10/2022 Seen: 2.823 times

Day: October 1. Time: 5:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Place: Sports courts in C/ Ramos Carratalá, Los Urrutias

Organized by : AVV Los Urrutias. JVV El Algar-Los Urrutias, They Are Good. Surefolk, Arrejuntaos Crew, Murcia Folk, Sierra Minera Foundation, Alba 601 El Algar Scout Group, San Ginés de La Jara Romeros Association, El Remolino Truck, Calicheros Friends Association.

Activity Description: The Fair of Traditions is a space open to the expression of the popular culture of our people. Always located in the streets and squares of the municipality, the different groups and neighborhood associations of each area participate in the Fair of Traditions, showing their work of recovery and enhancement of our popular culture. It is a participatory space where neighbors can enjoy both traditional music, folk dances and games and the popular cuisine of our land.
On this occasion we celebrate the Traditions Fair in the town of Los Urrutias where we can visit the different stands and booths of the associations in the area, a traditional games workshop for children and adults organized by the Alba 601 Scout Group from El Algar, a sample of the Caliche game, the cart exhibition of the Association of Romeros de San Ginés de La Jara, as well as different gastronomy and popular craft stalls.
To culminate the Fair we will have musical performances by the Cuadrilla de Arrejuntaos, Mujeres con Raíz and Nunatak, singing all of them to the beauty of the Mar Menor and for the recovery of its ecosystem:

  • Get Together Crew: The Cuadrilla de Arrejuntaos represents a group of people who play traditional music or root music, in clear harmony with the social movement of the so-called Cuadrillas in the rest of the Region of Murcia. Moreover, the components that make it up come from traditional groups that perform the typical Aguilandos in their respective towns, but that, united in this common project, intend to develop a melodic sampling of traditional palos not only from the Cartagena region but also from the rest of the region and even the Spanish southeast. In this way, the music of this Cuadrilla de Reclamo tries to show the range of possibilities of the territory that surrounds us with the three traditional styles of loose dance: the Jota (with its varieties), the Malagueña (in its four musical forms and varieties) and the Seguidilla (with its different styles: parrandas, peretas, pardicas, gandulas, etc.), as well as instrumental sounds or the "agarrao" dance. In the end, the important thing for this Squad, or the only claim, is that the people dance, at the foot of the field, with the different sounds so, as it used to take place in the past, the dance as a social gathering around root music is a fact, a reality.
  • Mujeres con Raíz : This popular music group led by women move to the beat of seguidillas, jotas and malagueñas, among olive groves, dance circles and patio circles. In the store planted by Carmen Conde in any corner of the Murcian geography, the members of the group Mujeres con root could be gathered, listening to the tunes and songs of those from below, to interpret and reinterpret them from their own personality, which is already very .
  • Nunatak: A Nunatak concert is a journey of musical emotions, with choral and exciting songs, and an energy that infects the public from preciousness to collective euphoria, and this Fair could not miss His "Sol y Sal", anthem of hope to save our Mar Menor.
 Fair: Stand and activities. Time: 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
- Popular crafts workshop
- Gastronomy / cheese / sweets
stalls - Craft beers / Wineries
Traditional games workshop / Scout Group Alba 601 El Algar
- Caliche workshop / Amigos Calicheros
Association - Association of Pilgrims Monastery of San Gines de La Jara
- Sierra Minera Foundation Stand

Musical performances : Time: 7:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.



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