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CARTAGENA THINKS. Esther Paniagua. "Error 404 Are you ready for a world without internet?"

15/12/2022 Seen: 3.280 times

Esther Paniagua. "Error 404 Are you ready for a world without internet?" December 15 at 8:00 p.m. at the Josefina Soria Library. El Luzzy

It's a matter of time before the network goes down. The Internet will collapse and we will experience waves of panic. In 'Error 404. Are you ready for a
world without internet?' Esther Paniagua reveals how the blackout of the network of networks could occur, the chaos it could unleash and
our dependence on connectivity. She reveals who the 14 Guardians of the Internet are and opens the door to the darkest side of
cyberspace to talk about crime, addiction, manipulation, misinformation, polarization, hate, censorship, repression and
automated discrimination. She shows the hidden workings of a digital tyranny that neither George Orwell nor Aldous Huxley imagined.
Esther Paniagua is a freelance journalist and author specializing in science and technology, recognized as one of the best
science writers in Europe. In 2020 and 2019 she was one of the "Top 100 Leading Women of Spain". She was also chosen among
the "Forbes 100 Most Creative People in Business". She has received numerous awards in science, technology and
innovation journalism. Likewise, she is a professor in various academic programs in innovation, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, journalism
and digital communication. Ella's book Error 404 (2021) has been translated and published in German, and will soon be available in Italian, Greek,
Polish and Romanian as well.

Features:Alejandro Santos Martínez-Sala, PhD in Telecommunications Engineering and professor at the UPCT School of Telecommunications. He has 20 years of teaching and research experience in the area of ​​Telematics Engineering, communications networks and uses of the Internet, and Gabriel Navarro, PhD in Psychology. Member of the Promoter Group of Cartagena Piensa.


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