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CARTAGENA THINKS IN NEIGHBORHOODS. Workshop on the implementation of the Cartagena urban agenda in La Azohía and Isla Plana

05/10/2022 Seen: 1.865 times

Cartagena Think of Neighborhoods. Workshop on the implementation of the Cartagena urban agenda in La Azohía and Isla Plana. October 5 at 5:30 p.m. at the Isla Plana Neighborhood Association. Plaza del Mar, 4. Flat Island. FREE ACTIVITY
In this case, the Cartagena Urban Agenda will visit the residents of La Azohía and Isla Plana in a workshop to disseminate the recently designed implementation plan and its involvement in the environment of this territory.
For the execution of this proposal, it is proposed to hold two workshops where the protagonists are the citizens, and the main objective is to publicize the Urban Agenda that proposes a more respectful, equitable and sustainable city.
In both workshops we will share the main challenges, proposals and actions of the Cartagena Urban Agenda with the participating neighbors. By way of debate and workshop, we will analyze the scope of this strategic map of our municipality and its implication in the surroundings of Azohía, Isla Plana and Canteras.
The dynamics of the activity is eminently practical, using a co-creation process. The workshop is articulated with the design thinking methodology, a tool that uses empathy to analyze the context, creativity to solve the problem, and rationality to adjust solutions to the context. To this end, work will be carried out jointly, detecting the priorities and the different strategies to continue, always motivating the vision of each participant and the collective potential of the group.

Organizes: Department of Sustainable City and European Projects and Eurovértice
Collaborates: ADELA (Association for the Defense of the Natural Environment of La Azohía), Isla Plana Neighborhood Association


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  • Session: 05/10/2022 mi (17:30h)
    Bookings 26/09/2022 (10:28h) - 05/10/2022 (23:59h) - Deadline closed
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