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What is culture and what is it for? Beyond simplistic and inveterate definitions that make it either the mere intellectual and artistic product of the elite, or the manifestation of humanity in an anthropological sense, this illuminating essay focuses on the collective dimension of cultural phenomena, that is, in the social relevance that, regardless of personal considerations, involves us all, because what is the point if it does not help us think and make a better world possible? Through a dialogue with the main reference works on the subject, Monegal interprets culture as an intrinsically political activity and inseparable from our place and our intervention in the world, but above all as a common good of primary necessity to face the challenges of existence.

Antonio Monegal: is a professor of Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature at the Pompeu Fabra University, where he coordinates the Master in Comparative Studies of Literature, Art and Thought. He earned his PhD from Harvard University and has taught at Cornell, Harvard, Princeton, Chicago, and Stanford. He is the author of Luis Buñuel from literature to cinema: A poetics of the object, At the limits of difference: Poetry and image in the Hispanic avant-garde and Like the air we breathe: The sense of culture; coordinator of Literature and painting and Politics and (po)ethics of war images; and editor of García Lorca's works Viaje a la luna and El Público. He was one of the curators, along with Francesc Torres and José María Ridao, of the exhibition “En Guerra” (2004) and with Alyce Mahon he has curated “Sade: freedom or evil” (2023), both at the Center de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona. From 2009 to 2013 he was vice president of the Barcelona Culture Council and president of its Executive Committee. He was awarded the 2023 National Essay Prize for Like the Air We Breathe: The Sense of Culture.

Presented by: Dionisio Espejo Paredes, professor and essayist


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