Defensive Architecture



The Fajardo defensive complex is located on La Podadera area, located to the South of Galeras mountain. The waters that washed its slopes served as a refuge for the Royal ships.

Fajardo Batteries
These fortifications are located to the southeast lower part of Galeras mountain in a staggered way. From different heights, from which the coves of Cartagena and Escombreras are dominated, as well as Algameca Chica and the entrance to Algameca Grande, Cabo Tiñoso, Escombreras island and Punta de los Aguilones.

The three batteries are terraced settlements on the mountain, all of them close the harbour mouth on the West side. They played a key role in the defence of the Naval base.

Nowadays it is out of military use and unarmed. Only the barbettes of their settlements, ammunition deposits, and barracks are preserved, in relative good conditions.

You can access this battery, by land through the road to Algameca, continuing through another road controlled by the Navy Forces.

Fajardo Defensive Barracks
It is located in the central part of la Podadera area, at a height of 75 meters. It was built according to the O'Donnnell Plan in 1860, for housing the troops that served in all the batteries of the "Right Front".


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