La Noche de los Museos

The Museums Night


The Night of the Museums of Cartagena, has become an important event in the cultural life of the city, where music, drama, dance and exhibitions are the main protagonists.

The event offers museums and their professionals the opportunity to get closer to the general public and society and make them aware of the changes that museums are developing, with a wide range of cultural and leisure activities, complementary to the temporary and permanent exhibitions of museums.

Festival de Folclore

Folklore Festival


Every year, during the first half of July, the Folklore Festival of the Region of Cartagena takes place in El Palmeral de las Casas Grandes of La Palma, a century-old mansion that serves as a museum where the various traditional costumes of Campo de Cartagena are exhibited. and where different acts are carried out throughout the year.

The folkloric group Ciudad de Cartagena is in charge of this festival in order to recover the traditions and dances of Campo de Cartagena.

La Mar de Músicas

La Mar de Músicas


It is celebrated in the month of July. Its main head office is the Parque Torres Auditorium, a stage located on a hill, from which the port, the Roman Theatre and the city can be seen.

Habaneras Festival

Habaneras Festival

In incomparable settings on the shores of the Mediterranean, it is intended to fill the night of August with a conglomeration of sounds, colours and flavours, projected in the sky, the moon and the sea, with the participation of chorales from Cartagena as well as from Torrevieja, Totana or Murcia.



It is an International Festival of Improvised Oral Poetry, organized by the Asociación Trovera José María Marín and which replaces the Trovo National Contest. It is celebrated every year in the month of August. Improvisers from various countries of Latin America and Spain take part of this festival, resulting in a magical mixture of different music and ways of improvising poetry verses.


Cartagena's Jazz Festival


It is celebrated during the month of November since 1980. It gathers in Cartagena the most prestigious figures of this music style.

International Film Festival

International Film Festival


During the month of December the Cartagena Film Festival floods the city with films through its different categories: Feature Films, Animated Tale, Documentaries, Official Short Film Section and MURcine, specializing in the work of regional filmmakers.

Pozo Estrecho Patron Saint Festivities

Pozo Estrecho Patron Saint Festivities

During the month of January, the council of Pozo Estrecho celebrates its patron saint festivities, on the occasion of the feast of San Fulgencio.

Of the events that take place during this celebration, the most important is the tasting of the famous and typical Pelotas Galileas. This is a tradition that began five decades ago and has become a symbol of local identity with which visitors are entertained. Although the "popular" event is the tasting of the Galilean balls, in the morning there is a solemn mass in honour of the patron saint, followed by a procession through the streets of the town, accompanied by the band Agrupación Musical Santa Cecilia.

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