Tesoros rurales

Tesoros Rurales

PR9 El Portús- Campillo de Adentro - La Azohía

Tesoros Rurales

The Portus coast

El Portus coast

A viewpoint collection

Cabo Tiñoso lookout point

A lighthouse as a punishment

Cabo Tiñoso: a lighthouse as a punishment

Atalayón Battery

Atalayon Battery

Castillitos Battery

Castillitos Battery

Jorel Battery in Cabo Tiñoso

El Jorel Battery

Campillo de Adentro

Campillo de Adentro

La Azohía Tower

La Azohia Tower - the sea as a threat

La Azohía Tower: all about the corsairs

La Azohia Tower: all about the corsairs

The Azohía Tower, a splendid lookout point

La Azohia Tower: a splendid lookout point

La Azohía tuna bed

La Azohia tuna bed

The Azohia tuna bed, setting fishing gear

La Azohia Tuna Bed, setting fishing gear

La Azohía Pier

La Azohia Pier

Tesoros Rurales

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