Typical Dishes

Cartagena and its region as a geographical area with historical background, possesses its own cuisine. Geographically, it is the capital of a natural region that bears her name, the “Campo de Cartagena”, that produces vegetables of great quality.

One of the most singular products of Cartagena's cuisine is salted fish. The salting is a technique of conservation of fish using salt that the Romans already used in this area.
Another singularity applied to the gastronomy of Cartagena is the Almadraba of the Azohía, an art of fishing with a network system anchored to the bottom and close to the coast that is installed between February and June, when tuna spawn in the Mediterranean.
The main fish dish of the traditional cuisine and its countryside is undoubtedly the caldero, combining rice and fish from the Mediterranean and Mar Menor.

A variety of products from the Campo de Cartagena such as peas, artichokes, tomatoes that are eaten raw or accompanied by salted fish and fresh raw green beans, the latter when dried, are used to another important dish of Cartagena's cuisine: the michirones.

Following with traditional gastronomy, it is worth mentioning the broth with meatballs from the Campo de Cartagena, with special mention of the Galilean meatballs that are prepared every 16th January in Pozo Estrecho district.

All these dishes can be accompanied with white, sweet, red and rosé wines of excellent quality with Protected Geographical Indication of the "Campo de Cartagena".

And, of course, the coffee, the Asiático a coffee blended with condensed milk, cognac, cinnamon, Licor 43 and some lemon rind. All served in an exclusive glass cup made for this sole purpose.

These typical dishes from Campo de Cartagena, can be found as 5th range elabotated products, manufacturated by the food company Rational Food from Cartagena

Artisanal Cheese from Campo de Cartagena

Caprilac, Sabores de Tallante, and La Yerbera, are three cheese factories that elaborate their production with traditional recipes and natural products that also produce other products such as desserts, cheese creams and yoghourts.

Address: Calle Buenos Aires, 20 - 30397 – San Isidro
Phone: (+34) 968 537 150

Sabores de Tallante
Address: Casas de Tallante, 20 - Cartagena
Phone: 616 40 68 10

La Yerbera
Address: Finca La Yerbera, s/n 30594 Cartagena Murcia
Phone: 968 16 62 36/ 661 40 68 34
The enterprise admits the possibility of carrying out guided tours of its facilities with a tasting at the end by appointment on Thursday and Friday. Saturday and Sunday morning
Prize: 8€ per person
Duration of the visit: 1h – 1,5h
Maximum group: 50 people

Traditional Beers

It is the first Brewpub in the Murcia region. There you can enjoy drinking their craft beers and watching their manufacturing process, offering a cosy, comfortable and pleasant environment with personalized attention to advise the visitor and talk about the wonderful brewing world, selecting a brief description so that users can get interested in knowing the beers.
Beer types: Ale, Wheat, Black, Season, Red, Double Malt and Pale lager.
For further info regarding guided tours: phone +34 968 16 43 13
Calle Antonio Pascual, 26
La Aljorra, Murcia, Spain

La Fábrica Brew pub is a gastronomic - beer project with a very clear objective: to offer products of the highest quality, in terms of quality - price.
This Brew pub has a micro craft beer factory inside the premises, where you can see and visit how up to 12 styles of craft beer are made.
Every Wednesday night they offer a pairing tasting with a visit to the factory and an explanation of the preparation with prior reservation

For more information on guided tours: Call 633 58 93 59
C/ Angel Bruna, 52
Cartagena, Murcia, Spain

Belich craft beer is made with natural ingredients and in a traditional way without artificial preservatives and it is designed to give you a new special and authentic feeling. Thus, its name and image come from one of the most special icons and treasure in Spain: the Mar Menor, the biggest salted lagoon in Europe. This natural landscape was used by Romans as a maritime port to protect their boats, and they put the name of Belich to this sea.

Nowadays, there is a craft beer called Belich Lager in production, but soon there also will be Belich Cero, Belich Negra and Belich Pale Ale
Telephone: 626 16 01 24

Salted Fish

Ricardo Fuentes e Hijos has become the leading company in the sector of salted fish, fish and smoked fish throughout the Spanish territory, focused on the gourmet and delicatessen sector. In Ricardo Fuentes e Hijos, traditional methods of fish conservation are recovered from the past, using the highest technology. Its products include: mojama (tuna jerky), bonito (tuna), roe, smoked fish, cod, and other products such as pâtés, salad dressings and trays in oil

Further info
Phone: 968 554 830
Commercial department:

Wines and Liquors from Cartagena

One of the main producer and distributor of liquors in Spain and emblematic company of Cartagena, Licor 43, has among its facilities, the museum called Experiencia 43, next to the industrial estate of Los Camachos. The place covers the evolution of the brand, as well as its historical marketing and advertising campaigns.
A part of the showing is dedicated to sport, supporting several professional teams: cycling, motorcycling, basketball, handball and sailing. In addition, visitors will discover what is the process of making the liquor and its positioning in the world.
Licor 43 is present in more than 70 countries, and it is among the top ten brands in its category worldwide.

  • Guided tours in five languages: Spanish, English, German, Italian, and French.
  • Workshops on cocktails preparation.
  • Booking personalised business or private events according to each customer.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 8.00 to 15.00.

Calle Silicio nº 10,
Polígono Industrial Los Camachos,
30369 Cartagena

For further information, contact Experiencia 43, on the phone: +34 968 030 188, or by e-mail:

Bodegas Serrano is a small family wine production company that has its facilities in the heart of Cartagena's countryside, next to the Pozo Estrecho village. This is the winery that makes the earliest grape harvest made in our country, because the grapes start to be harvested in late July, with the production fully prepared for commercialization at Christmas time. Responsible for an emblematic wine from the area, Viña Galtea, in recent times they have mixed foreign varieties such as syrah and merlot to create another wine, named Darimus, which achieves acceptable levels of quality. His great research work has continued over the years, introducing new grape varieties in the area, with which nine types of wines are produced, they differ for their high quality and include wines that are difficult to process, such as semi-dry wines and sweet wines, with a fermentative stop, as well as a unique sparkling wine in the region of Murcia, Galtea, specifically the Brut Nature variety.

The winery admits the possibility of carrying out guided tours of its facilities, with a tasting at the end, a good opportunity to get familiarized with the wines of this land.

Prize: 5€ per person
Address: Lugar La Cabaña, 30, 30594 Pozo Estrecho, Murcia
Phone: +34 968 55 62 98 / +34 660 162 755

The winery Viña La Cerca is situated in Pozo Estrecho village, in the heart of Cartagena's countryside.
The climate, temperature and the soil are essential to the elaboration and production of traditionally made wines of the Monastrell and Merseguera varieties, of highlight and stylish nuances that surprise whoever tastes it.

The traditionally made wines of Viña La Cerca, are developed from gentle growing method and are produced in a completely craftsman manner.

The winery admits the possibility of carrying out guided tours of its facilities, with a tasting included, a good opportunity to get familiarized with the wines of this land.
Prize: 15€ per person
Duration of he visit 1h-1,50h
Minimum group: 8 people
Maximum group: 16 people
For further information, visit our web site or send us an email, visits would be on saturday from 12:00 to 13:30.

Address: Finca La Cerca, 30594 Pozo Estrecho, Murcia
Phone: +34 691 033 661
email: info@viñ
website: www.viñ

In 2013, one of the oldest distilleries in Spain, the Bernal Murcia Distilleries, was reopened and restarted.

The main asset of this distillery is the knowledge in the elaboration of high quality liquors. The other great asset is the litters of “soleras” aged in oak for many years of a renowned brandy.

Today they have more than 60 references in all kinds of beverages and liquors with high quality, with a network of distributors throughout the national territory, in constant growth.

For further info, visit

The Enrejado Brand was founded on September 21, 2015, among its products are two handcrafted Geneva, made with natural and artisan products in small package as well as two Asian Creams, identified as the only Creams on the market that are produced with condensed milk, the touch of cinnamon, lemon peel and the best brandy and liquor in the area. It comes in two varieties: the black bottle contains 17º and the white bottle does not contain caffeine and has 15º.

The handmade gins are also offered in two different varieties:
Enrejado Dry Gin with triple distillation with 39° elaborated with Cantabrico juniper and cardamom from Peru and with orange peel and lemons from the soil macerated and distilled in a copper still. Recovering the base of the best original gin with the most basic balance between taste and tradition.

Enrejado Red Gin is a modern sugar-free gin with aromas and flavours: pomegranate, raspberry, cranberry, redcurrant, red mulberry, cardamom and juniper. With its triple distillation and its 37.5°, it allows fruit extracts not to degrade.

Adress: C/ Feliz Martí Alpera 57, 7A. 30205 Cartagena, Murcia
email: |
Phone: 968 125 060 / 625484860

El Tenedor

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